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Writing CIRCLE

Writing Circle: Looking for a writing group to hang out with?

Join the writing circle and bloom!

Are you looking for a group of fellow writers? Do you want to connect with kindred spirits who actually want to write? Would you like to receive feedback and insight on your writing?

If so, join my Writing Circle!

We meet online - but don't think for a moment that means that it is impersonal. Quite the opposite. We get to know each other, our writing styles, and our writing challenges. We get to share, encourage each other, and gently coerce when we need it. We talk, we set our individual writing deadlines, and we share knowledge.

Once a month, you are invited to join my webinar where I teach on a component of writing, anything from writing styles, the craft of writing, or editing and publishing options.

Between meetings, we encourage each other and share challenges through our own private social group. You will also receive a weekly writing encouragement from me.

Once a Writing Circle Member, you will have access to individual coaching or writing review sessions from me. Get feedback that affirms whether you are on the right track, whether you need to focus your writing more, or whether you should weed out aspects of your story. Feel confident in your writing and in the direction you are headed.

You are reading this because you want your writing to count.

Don't wait any longer. 

Send me a message below, and let's get the conversation started.

Join the Circle, Write, and Bloom!

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