Brenda Smit-James ~ Author, Memoirist, Instructor



What do we do when deep grief invades our lives? How do we negotiate the unwelcomed journey we find ourselves on? What do we do with our unspeakable pain? Even more, what do we do when we have asked God to spare the life of our loved one and he does not give the answer we hope for?

In When God Says No, Brenda Smit-James tells the story of her journey with grief following the death of her mother – a journey where she questioned God and his goodness, questioned whether Jesus was worth following, and questioned the relevance of the Christian life.

In telling her story, Brenda shows us how grief can be engaged and not merely endured, and how we can face the darkness of grief with quiet courage and, in so doing, find a way back into the light again.

When God Says No is in the final stages of the interior layout design with Word Alive Press. Follow the progress of her book with Brenda Smit-James on Facebook.