Work with Brenda

Here are the current options available to work with me.

Also consider purchasing my online course Blueprint Your Memoir | From Premise to Promise. Through the purchase of the course you will have access to Q&A sessions where you can ask me questions related to your memoir. It is an easy and accessible entry point to start to work with me.


A - 1:1 CONSULTATION (1 HOUR)  $125

Receive a 1-hour consultation with Brenda for a specific question or issue you have with regard to your memoir. 

This option does not include a review of your manuscript. 


What you are getting right and what you are not can be identified within the first forty to fifty pages.

Get a review of your first 50 pages from Brenda so that you don't perpetuate the same errors through the rest of your memoir.

My feedback is given in a 1-hour recorded video call where you also have the opportunity to ask questions.

C - 1:1 COACHING  $450 per month (min. 3 months)

I guide you through the creative process of writing your memoir as we define your message, outline your story, and design your story structure.

Submit 20 pages twice a month for review and feedback that will build your confidence, and your writing and editorial skills.

Receive a 1-hour introductory video call, two 30-minute video calls per month, and ongoing email support.

D - MANUSCRIPT EVALUATION  $1,350 (max 80k words)

Receive a high-level evaluation of your manuscript which includes a written report on the content and structure of the memoir, including pacing, characterization, dialogue, setting, voice, first line appeal, chapter construction, the author’s writing technique, as well strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript.

E - DEVELOPMENTAL EDIT  $3,000 (max 80k words)

Receive a detailed and in-depth assessment of your manuscript which covers the same topics as a manuscript evaluation but with a strong focus on the structure and development of the story.

In order to complete my assessment, I will request that you provide additional information with regard to your intended audience and the promise of your memoir. This provides the relevant context for the developmental edit.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not read porn or explicit sex scenes. I do not accept manuscripts which contain a large amount of profanity or any blasphemy. I also have a boundary around language in our meetings. 

Submit your details below to be sent an Intake Form. Also specify which service you are interested in. Thank you!