Five x 1-Hour Session One-on-One Mentoring Package

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If this memoir mentoring consultation is fully subscribed, please contact me to discuss your needs and I can advise as to when a space will open up.

You are serious and you want to get your teeth into your memoir with feedback from Brenda so that your memoir can be better and stronger. You are ready to do the hard work of any rewrites.

This option includes a more detailed read of your manuscript outside of the five 1-hour mentoring sessions. However, it does not include editing. 

Come with specific objectives. This will help us to move forward well. After each session, you will receive direction on something to work on and prepare for the next session.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not read sex scenes and I do not read porn. I also have a boundary around language in our meetings. If your material contains a large amount of profanity or blasphemy, please be willing to redact it before submitting it to me.