Why do We Love to Read Memoirs?

I would never call myself a philosopher, certainly not in the academic sense. However, I qualify as per the original meaning of the word in Greek, that is, someone who loves wisdom.

I like to observe, question, and ponder: why do people do what they do? I am on a quest to discover what a life well-lived looks like - and to live it. I am equally intrigued to know what life looks like when we don't live it well.

These are just two reasons why I love to read memoirs.

I read with intent. I read to learn about others and how they lived their lives. I read to know about eras, events, and environments different from my own. I read for answers to my life questions. I read to glean something, one thing that I didn’t know before.

And it isn’t only the memoirs with drama and heartache that teach us about life. Light-hearted and funny memoirs also provide answers to those universal life questions. The way I see it, irrespective of who we are, we are all trying to find our way in life.

And that is why I wrote my own memoir. I wrote it to find my way through intense grief. I wrote it to grapple with some hard questions in my life. I wrote it to record some of the journey God has taken me on. I wrote it to free myself from, what I call, the guilt of forgetting and the torment of remembering. Essentially, I wrote my memoir for my own healing.

Yet, I also wrote my memoir with the hope that it would help others find their way through dark and difficult times. I wrote it to share some of the wisdom I have learnt along the way. I wrote it to make a difference if I could. Read more about my memoir When God Says No on My Memoir page.

It’s your turn. Why do you read memoirs?

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  • Brenda Smit-James

    Three memoirs I have read lately are :
    A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway,
    The Measure of my Powers by Jackie Kai Ellis and
    I’ll Push You by Patrick Gray and Justin Skeesuck.

    All very good!

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